The latest beauty treatments to make you look your best

We offer a number of up-to-date beauty treatments to suit all of your needs, including Exfoliation, waxing, nails, eyelashes, hair and more! 

Full Body Exfoliation + Moisturising

Start from €35.00

We will start by applying a deeply exfoliating scrub onto your skin to clear clogged pores and removing dead skin cells that can leave your skin looking dull. This lasts up to 20 minutes and once finished, the scrub will be wiped away to reveal your glowing and fresh looking skin.

Choco/Wine/Cherry Therapy

Start from €35.00

Choco/Wine/Cherry therapy can benefit your body in many ways. Your skin is moisturised, nourished, toned and revitalized. This treatment helps combat anxiety and stress and will leave you feeling completely refreshed and your skin glowing.

Facial Lift Massage

Start from €55.00

A relaxing, gentle approach to looking younger. We'll apply light massage techniques to release muscle tension, lift your muscles and contour your face. It can help reduce wrinkles, tighten your face muscles and improve skin tone.

Facial Hygiene with Ultrasound

Start from €35.00

First, we'll cleanse your face with toner and cleansing milk. Then we'll use ultrasound to manually remove black spots. We'll then apply a mask suited to your skin type, apply fixing cream with a facial massage and finally apply a moisturising mask to leave your skin hydrated and glowing.


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