A variety of massages to suit your needs

We specialise in massages that help relieve muscle tension and pain, improve blood flow and leave you feeling very relaxed.

Relaxation Massage

From €25.00

Escape the stresses of daily life with our signature Relaxation Massage. Here we use slow, light strokes aiming to increase your circulation and blood flow so you come out feeling lighter, happier and more relaxed.

Wood Therapy

From €45.00

The most effective massage treatment for the removal of cellulite. Our specialised wooden tools adapted to the shape of your body to stimulate and balance your energy, reduce stress, relieve muscular and joint pains, and tone your body.

Reflexology Massage

From €35.00

With Reflexology our masseurs will apply gentle pressure on areas of your hands, feet and ears to help you find relaxation. You can remain clothed during the massage and avoid touch across your whole body

Deep Tissue Massage

From €45.00

The deep tissue massage is a more thorough massage used when you are suffering from chronic muscle pain, soreness or tightness in body. We use deeper, slower strokes to target the affected areas and relieve your stress.

Hot Stone Massage

From €35.00

If you experience a lot of muscle pain or tension, then the Hot Stone massage can help. Hot stones are used to relax your muscles, improve your blood flow and ease any pain you might feel as well as relieve stress.

Craniosacral therapy

From €35.00

This therapy targets the areas of tension, pain and discomfort around your neck, head and shoulders. Here we use light touch to release compression in the bones of the head which helps relieve pain and stress in your upper body.