A Turkish Hammam & Spa Experience you'll never forget

With the Turkish Hammam you will enjoy a truly unique cleansing ritual of the body and mind. Our Hammams accommodate singles or couples for a unique couples experience.

Begin your journey in the Sauna

Begin your experience with a visit to the sauna. This will help prepare you by making you sweat and opening your pores to get rid of the toxins under your skin with the Hammam cleansing ritual.

Enter the Turkish Hammam

Next, you'll enter the Turkish Hammam and lie down on a heated marble stone. We use cotton exfoliating gloves to remove the toxins and dead skin cells from your body, while rinsing with foamy, warm water. This process lasts 30 minutes.

End with a relaxing massage

Finally, you'll end the ritual with a relaxing 15 minute massage with oil to help release any stress or muscle tension left in your body. 

1H Spa + 30m Hammam & 15m Massage

1 Person = 60€

2 Persons = 100€